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Marijuana Use by Teens

Marijuana is an illegal drug teens chose to use for a number of different reasons, including is availability. It is a plant that is dried and to use the drug, it's leaves, buds and stems are smoked. Some of the more common street names are pot, grass, weed, Mary Jane and reefer. Parents should be aware of their teen's marijuana use, if your teen is using, in order to get help for your teen. Find resources, statistics, effects, information on how to talk to your teen about marijuana use and more here.

Video:How to Talk to Your Teen About Marijuana
Learning about the right way to talk to your teen about marijuana can make a huge difference. Here, see helpful tips and tricks for talking to your teen about marijuana.

Teen Drug Use Facts: Marijuana Statistics
Marijuana statistics on teens using pot and more facts about this growing teen drug use problem.

10 of the Most Important Things Parents Need to Know About Marijuana
The amount of inaccurate and confusing information about marijuana can overwhelm parents. To help you separate out the facts I created this list of the ten most important things parents need to know about teen marijuana drug use.

Warning to Parents: Teens Are Using Synthetic Marijuana to Get High
Although the legal product K2 is clearly labeled "not for human consumption" this does not appear to deter some teens from smoking it to get high. K2 is a synthetic marijuana that is potentially dangerous to teens who abuse it.

Drug Slang Terms for Marijuana
The drug culture uses many different slang terms for the drugs they use, marijuana included. Here are slang terms used to describe marijuana by people all over the United States and Canada as reported by the DEA.

420 Drug Term Meaning Origin Marijuana Smoking Culture and History
I had reported years ago that the term 420 (pronounced four twenty, not four hundred and twenty), was police code for smoking marijuana in a feature on pager codes that teenagers use to talk to each other. I began researching the number again and it seems I was wrong. Read on to learn the myths, the truth about the origin and what this term...

Marijuana Use by Teens Statistics
Parents who know what is going on in their teen's world, have a better grasp at helping their teen deal with it. Here are the statistics for teen marijuana drug use to help parents be aware.

Marijuana is the Drug of Choice for Teen Drivers
A study done by Liberty Mutual and SADD, highlights a dangerous misconception by our teens, they don't consider marijuana use as a distraction to their driving. One in five teen drivers reports that they have driven under the influence of marijuana, that's 19%. To put this into perspective, think about this data that came from the same survey: 13% of teens surveyed reported that they have driven after drinking.

Quiz: Is your teen smoking pot?
When it comes to teen drug use, an ounce of prevention is worth so much more than a pound of cure. Is your teen smoking pot? You can get a good idea here and use our resources for help.

Parent Asks Question About Teens Best Friend Using Marijuana
My son is friends with a boy who I think is a good kid but might be using marijuana. He is my son's best friend. What do I do? Read the answer here.

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