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Period: A Girl's Guide to Menstruation With a Parents Guide

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The Bottom Line

If you have to choose one book for your preteen daughter to help learn about the changes that are occurring in her body, Period: A Girl's Guide to Menstruation With a Parents Guide should be it.
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  • Age appropriate material for preteens ages nine and up.
  • Creating a positive body image is an underlying theme.
  • Medically accurate and socially acceptable information.
  • Authors recognize that parents are going through changes with their daughters.


  • Q & A section could be better organized.


  • The book does not get into sexual education, deals mostly with the changes in girls.
  • Authors, JoAnn Loulan and Bonnie Worthen, write with a positive voice.
  • Includes a monthly calendar your teen can copy to learn to keep track of her periods.
  • Teaches habits that will benefit your teen throughout her lifetime.

Guide Review - Period: A Girl's Guide to Menstruation With a Parents Guide

Book Description:
The start of hormonal changes can be troubling, even traumatic, for young girls. Now fully revised and updated with a parents' guide, Period explains in a straightforward manner the changes all girls go through, answers common questions, and includes a brief description of a pelvic exam.

Denise's Thoughts:
If you’re a mother, you may recognize this book. Yup! It’s the same one that was out when we were girls. It was good then but with all of the updates and revisions, it’s great now. The authors, JoAnn Loulan and Bonnie Worthen, have done an outstanding job in dealing with body image. They offer simple down-to-earth advice that will help preteens understand what normal is, and that they are normal by being different. This is a winning philosophy for young girls to have when dealing with body image issues.

While mothers tend to deal 'girl stuff' in the traditional family, not all families are traditional. I want to note that this book is exceptional for single fathers of preteen daughters(the parent's guide is a must for you), grandparents raising their granddaughters or counselors of preteen girls.

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