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Methamphetamine, Teen Meth Use

Methamphetamine, meth or crystal meth, is a central nervous system stimulant with a high potential addiction, abuse and dependence. Read about the effects of meth use and teens, treatment for teen abusers and more.

Meth Use Effects and Your Teen
Teen meth use effects the entire family and parents are urged to seek help for their teen if they see and of these short term or long term effects of meth use.

Teen Drug Use Facts: Methamphetamine (Meth) Statistics
Methamphetamine Meth statistics on teens using meth and more facts about this growing teen drug use problem.

Methamphetamine Slang
Slang terms listed for use by parents in case they hear the slang for 'meth' by their teens. List given by the DEA.

Meth Quiz
How much do you or your teen know about meth? This quiz will help you understand the most important things there are to know that will help you prevent your teen from meth use.

Effects of Methamphetamine
Parents should know that methamphetamine is a highly addictive drug, whether injected, snorted or smoked, that affects the brain and central nervous system. Methamphetamine increase levels of the neurotransmitter dopamine, which stimulates brain cells, enhancing mood and body movement.

Methamphetamine InfoFacts
Methamphetamine is a white, odorless, bitter-tasting crystalline powder that easily dissolves in water or alcohol and is taken orally, intranasally (snorting the powder), by needle injection, or by smoking.

Methamphetamine and Teens: The Deadliest Drug You've Never Heard Of
Known as "crystal," "ice," or "crank," methamphetamine is a powerful, highly addictive stimulant that is widely available in pills or powder form; the latter can be snorted, smoked, swallowed, or injected. Cheaply sold on the street for as little as $5 a hit, it's also therefore affordable for most teens.

Meth Use On The Rise Among Teens
Teen methamphetamine use is rising — especially among young people in the Midwestern and Eastern states — and could even be replacing marijuana as the drug of choice in some regions of the country.

Teenage Meth Addicts Struggle to Stay Clean
Minnesota has been dealing with all of the above and is home to another scary trend: Here, many young people and experts who monitor drug use agree that meth is steadily replacing marijuana as the teenage drug of choice. This can happen anywhere.

Methamphetamine Use Among Youth
Although the use of crystal methamphetamine, "Meth",1 among youth may be decreasing on the national level, certain areas of the United States continue to face significant problems with this potent and highly addictive substance. In addition, not all current research agrees about the prevalence of Meth use among youth and young adults. Although Meth is used by a small percentage of the American population, its extreme potency and potential for severe physical, behavioral, and social consequences keeps it a pressing concern in many communities.

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