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Links and articles for parents with preteens.

Parenting Quiz: Is Your Young Teen Ready for High School?
The leap between Junior High School/Middle School to High School is a big one. Take this simple 20 question quiz and see how prepared your teenager is and what to look for to help your teen become ready.

Middle School Parenting Tips - Tips for Parents of Middle School Age Children
An article - Tips for Parents of Children Going to Middle School for the First Time.

Preteens and Peer Pressure
Tips to help your preteen dealt with peer pressure when they reach middle school.

What Parents Should Know
From elementary to middle school, big changes that could increase your preteen's risk for drug use.

10 Ways to Manage Middle School
Middle school is a complicated time. Not only does it provide students with a bridge between elementary school and high school – it’s a time of pubescent development that brings with it unique social, physical and emotional complexities.

Do You Really Know How to Keep Your Middle-Schooler Safe?
Find out how to protect your kids. Take this quiz, based on safety expert Gavin de Becker's best-selling book, Protecting the Gift.

Middle School Blues
Helping your preteen face the challenges of junior high.

Peer Pressures at School
Tip from the author of "Raising a Thinking Preteen".

Starting A New School
Q & A from the ParentTalk newsletters.

The Junior High Years
Getting ans staying involved in your preteen's school.

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