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Teens and Nutrition - Healthy Diets for Teens

Teens who have a healthy diet do better in school and at home. Parents of teens can find resources, tips, articles and book reviews on how to help your teen maintain a healthy diet here.

4 Bad Food Habits Teens Have and What Parents Can Do About Them
Do you know what the top bad food habits your teen has are? Find out here and, best of all, find out how to fixed them.

Help Your Obese Teen Lose Weight
Reasons why parents need to help their obese teen lose weight and advice on helping your teen with their weight loss efforts.

After School Snacks, Ideas and Recipes
Kids and teens get hungry after a full day at school and want an after school snack that not only will fill their bellies, but taste good too. Here is a listing of fun and tasty snacks that your children will love.

Quick Breakfast Ideas for Teens
Sometimes starting off your day right means "Hurry up! We have to go." If your family's morning routine sounds like this from time to time, you'll need to find a quick idea for breakfast, find some here.

Eating Healthy - Parenting Questions
Parenting questions - How do you get your teen to eat healthier?

How to Get Your Teen to Eat Breakfast
Article with resources and information for parents of teens on getting their teen to the breakfast table.

Breakfast, Your Teen's Most Important Meal of the Day
It may seem like an old-fashioned idea - Im sure you remember your mom bugging you to eat a good breakfast - but breakfast is still the most important meal of the day for everyone, especially kids and teens.

Parents, Kids Dont Perceive Obesity as a Health Problem
Most “tweens” (children 9 – 12) give little thought to healthy weight, neither recognizing its immediate benefits nor its long-term importance. They relate their weight to athletic performance and overall appearance—not health.

Ultimate Weight Solution for Teens: The 7 Keys to Weight Freedom
Weight issues and diets are one of the leading causes of teen depression, and The Ultimate Weight Solution for Teens is being published at a time when weight is the top issue in so many teens' lives. Read the book review here.

How Can I Help My Overweight Teenager?
Read this guest feature by the NIMH and learn the most important things you can do to help overweight teenagers and their diets.

Pack a Lunch for Teens
Lunch is an important meal for teens, it is part of a healthy diet. Learn how to pack a lunch for teens here.

Fried Foods and Childhood Obesity
New research from Harvard points out that kids who eat fried foods away from home are much more likely to be overweight.

Teen Diet Makeover
Read through this example of a teen's diet and what you can do about his over eating.

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