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Parents of Teens Need Me-Time Too

Tips on Taking a Break


Parents of newborns who do not sleep through the night are not the only parents who need a break and/or time to get away from it all. Parents of teens who are busting into independence, dating, driving and have hectic schedules need to be aware that these stressors will have an effect on how they are feeling. Parents lose sleep and eventually burnout if they don’t take some me-time, take our quiz to see if this is you. Or get out your calendars and schedule it in. Here are some tips on taking me-time:

Recognize what me-time is and what it isn’t. Time for yourself is time for you to do something you enjoy that is relaxing. It is not time for you to finally organize the attic or work on your life’s novel. This is time to give your brain and your body a break – use it wisely.

Schedule in your me-time and don’t be too flexible about changing it. You will always be the first one in your home who is expect to work around everyone else’s schedule. Don’t do that with this. Think about it this way, your relaxation time is a benefit to the entire family because it helps you be 100% available at other times, instead of having the overtired, overworked you most of the time.

Enjoy the time while you have it. Do not worry or think about what you could be doing, what your teen is doing, or what you have to get done tomorrow. Relax and enjoy.

Reschedule in more me-time before you end your current time. Don’t wait until you are overstressed before you realize you need time away again. Make time away from your everyday stressors a good habit.

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