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Parenting Tips for Busy Parents of Teens


Parenting tips and advice to help guide you through your child's teen years. An ongoing list of tips for parents of teens complete with more parenting articles and resources you can use. Today's busy parent isn't able to always make the time to research what is going on with their teen. This parenting tip list is being formed to help you find what you need to know fast, then offer more help in that area.

1. Parenting Tips on Discipline: Don't freak out!

There is nothing in this world more important than your children. So, when a child does something so incredibly, ahh… stupid, and this stupid thing has some major consequences that you, the parent, will have to face too, it is hard not to freak out. So, maybe I should say it’s okay to freak out – just not at your teen. Do it when your are alone or have the sympathetic ear of your spouse.

2. Parenting Tips for School: It's Your Teen's Homework

While being there to help your teen do his/her homework is commendable and recommended, don’t make the job easier by just doing it yourself. I know this is a non-issue for many, but...

3. Parenting Tips on Discipline: It's a Duck

There was a woman on our forum who would say: ‘If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it’s a duck.’ She was in law enforcement and oft times needed to convince parents...

4. Parenting Tips for Teen Health: Make Good Food Snackable

One problem with getting teens and older kids to eat foods that are better for them is that these types of food aren't always as readily available as a candy bar. Teens do not have the motivation to make a fruit salad when they want a snack. But they will grab it out of the refrigerator when it is already chunked up for them.

5. Parenting Tips for School: Schedule in a Study Hall

Teens are busy with part time jobs, sports and friends. This is a good thing if they have the time for family, home responsibilities and to get their homework done. Time for homework can be assured if your teen has scheduled in a study hall for the semester.

6. Parenting Tips: New Teen Drivers, Practice Makes Perfect

Okay, maybe not perfect, but it practice certainly helps. Learning all of the rules of the road is not going to teach your teen how much pressure to put on the gas pedal – or maybe I should say how much pressure to not put on the gas pedal. Your teen needs to learn to drive by doing...

7. Parenting Tips: Limit Hours for Working Teens

It is important that parents talk to their teens and limit the hours and the number of days that he/she works. Research has shown that adolescents with long work hours(over 20 hours per week), show high levels of psychological distress including aggression, and low self-esteem.

8. Parenting Tips for Teen Health: Before Every Orthodontic Appointment

Before going to the orthodontist for a regular adjustment of your teen’s braces, have some non-aspirin pain reliever for him/her to take if he/she feels there is a need. Some parents have mentioned to me to give the pain reliever before your teen goes, I know this is what I did as a teen. It always seem to work as adjustments to the braces can cause a bit of discomfort.

9. Parenting Tips: Have Your Teen Open a Bank Account

Learning how to manage his/her own money is a main responsibility your teen needs to do before becoming a young adult and moving out on his/her own. A great way to start learning this adult responsibility, is to have your teen open up his/her own bank account.

10. Parenting Tip on Discipline: Modeling Respect for Authority

Showing respect for authority is an important value your teen will need to learn. It will help him/her traverse his/her adult life without getting into snafus with the law or simply with his/her boss at work. A principal way you can accomplish this task is by modeling respect for others.

11. Parenting Tip on Discipline: Why Trapping Your Teen Won't Work

I’ve recently gotten a few emails from parents who are looking to ‘catch their teen in the act’ of some misbehavior that the parents know the teen is doing, but feel they need ‘proof’ before confronting the teen with a consequence. While this works for law enforcement and on television, it doesn’t work in families because this practice ignores some fundamental truths: [i]Parents love their children and are there to provide nurturing learning experiences so the child can become as happy and successful as possible.[/i]
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