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Parenting Teens Contracts: Teen Driving


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Sometimes clear communication in discipline takes the written word. Below is a parenting contract for your personal use. Use the print button on this page to print it out. Please feel free to use as it is or make it your own. After everything is written out and agreed upon, parent and teen should sign the contract.

Parents and Teens Contract: Teen Driving

I know that being able to drive the family car is a privilege. I respect that my parents love me and want to keep me safe. My parents respect that I am becoming a young adult and want the privilege of having the use of the family car. With that in mind, we agree:
  1. I will strictly follow the rules of the road, staying within speed limits and using my safe driving skills.

  2. I will only use the car at these times:

  3. My curfew with the car is:_________________________.

  4. I agree not to use my cell phone or MP3 Player or other electronic device while driving.

  5. I agree to not leave the gas tank empty at any time and to contribute my share to gas. My contribution is:

  6. I agree to contributing my share of the car insurance. My contribution is:

  7. I agree to follow guidelines about having other people in the car. Our agreed upon guidelines are listed below.

  8. I agree to buckle up, at all times.

  9. I agree to call my parents if I am unable for any reason to drive the car.
The consequences for not following through with these limits on the driving the family car are:

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