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Temporary Shelters for Teens in Crisis

Temporary Shelters Provide Emergency Help to Troubled Teens


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Temporary shelters offer emergency help and a safe haven to teens and families in crisis. These short-term programs are available in most communities to help troubled teens and their families by providing crisis counseling and referral services.

What Are Temporary Shelters for Teens?

Temporary shelters are available to help families work through a crisis situation such as a teen who is aggressive towards family members or threatens to run away. In a crisis situation families can benefit from time apart and skilled assistance in evaluating the situation and getting the right professional help for the troubled teen.

What Temporary Shelters Can Provide

Shelters are designed to help stabilize emergency situations, provide information on possible reasons for the out of control behavior and identify professional resources to help your teen make positive changes. 

This basic help is provided by the shelter in a setting that offers:

  • food and shelter
  • a safe environment
  • a structured program
  • crisis counseling
  • help in finding solutions
  • emotional support to the teen and parents
  • evaluation of problems behind the teens’ behavior
  • assistance in finding appropriate therapy and other services 

What Temporary Shelters Can Not Provide

Temporary shelters are not set up to deal with seriously out of control teen behavior and are intended to provide help in dealing with behaviors that can't be managed safely at home but aren't serious enough for admission to a psychiatric hospital. Shelters do not provide in-depth therapy or create long-term behavioral changes.

This type of program is not appropriate for a teen with serious mental health issues such as depression, cutting or an eating disorder. Temporary shelters are for behavior problems that threaten the safety of the teen and family members and need to be immediately addressed.

How to Locate Temporary Teen Shelters

The best source for information about these programs is obtained by contacting professional therapists and programs working specifically with troubled teens. Shelters can also be located by searching resources available to homeless and runaway teens, contacting teen hot-lines or calling 211 which is operated by United Way.

If you find yourself in this difficult situation with your teen it's good to know there are resources available to help families safely negotiate a crisis and figure out next steps.

Quick Links: Treatment Programs for Troubled Teens

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