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Plan a Fall Harvest Party


So, you want to plan a harvest party? What great fun! The fall season is a perfect time to celebrate. People have been celebrating the harvest of a summer crop while looking forward to the long winter season for hundreds of years. It is also a fun alternative to some of the more ‘spooky’ Halloween parties.

Picking a Location

The location of a harvest party is an important part of its success. There are quite a few things to think about before settling on where your party is going to be held. I’ve listed five tips to picking the location for an enjoyable harvest party here.

Make Out a Guest List

Now that you know the amount of space you have, it's time to make out a guest list. Your list should include everyone you want to invite and chaperones. If chaperones are parents, invite the both husband and wife, instead of just one. They'll be more apt to accept your invitation.

Send the Invitations

You can send invitations through the mail or hand deliver them. Here are a few harvest party invitations you can print out for free.

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