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How to Throw a Super Bowl Party for Teens


Throwing a Super Bowl party for your teen and their friends is fun and something they will remember for a lifetime. You can keep the party planning stress-free with these ten tips and ideas:

  • Have your teen send out themed invitations and get a count on how many are coming. Do not allow party crashers to attend. Ask other parents to come and enjoy the game too. Fun way to get chaperones.

  • The time of the party should be set to 15 minutes before the pre-game super bowl show begins. The party ends either after the game or after the post-game show, your choice.

  • Clean out the room of the party of any breakable valuables. Accidents happen when you combine teenagers with exciting events. Preventing accidents will help prevent bad feelings between you and your teen.

  • Decorate with team colors. If all of the guests will be for only one team, use only those colors. If it will be a mixed group, divide the room down the middle and decorate each side for each team.

  • Place more than one television in the room at different angles so that all guests will be able to see the game.

  • Keep cleaners and rags handy for inevitable spills and messes. Be sure that your teen and the chaperones know where to find these.

  • Keep the food simple. Teens like to eat pretty much anything that they can pronounce. Here are some food ideas:
    • Sub sandwiches
    • Pizza
    • Potato chips
    • Pretzels
    • Corn chips and salsa
    • Popcorn
    • Canned soda
    • Bottled water

  • Run a game by setting up a piece of paper where guests write down their guess for the winner and score. The one who comes the closest without going over wins a prize. Ideas for prizes:

  • Ask football trivia questions during the down times of the game. Place a bowl with slips of paper containing the questions on a table. Keep the answer sheet somewhere else, but be sure you have an answer sheet.

  • Last but not least, follow basic teen party rules, such as no drinking, keeping the number of guests manageable and create designated areas for the party.

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