1. Parenting

Teaching Teenagers About Prejudice

Articles and links to teach teenagers how to handle prejudice and racism. Help kids learn about diversity.

Teen Friendships and Racial Diversity
Teens are more likely to choose friends from within their own racial group in moderately racially mixed schools, with this likelihood greatest in schools where diversity is moderately high, according to an analysis of information from the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development's (NICHD) Adolescent Health Study.

101 Ways You Can Beat Prejudice
Guide that is separated into different aspects such as at home or at school.

Bringing Up Open-Minded Kids
Answers the question: 'What is Multiculturalism?'

Building the Core - Empathy
Excellent article by Anne Leedom.

Discussing Hate and Violence with your Children
Excellent article with bulleted tips.

Media Influence and Self-Image
Children also observe and are exposed to prejudice by watching television, reading books and magazines, or even studying school textbooks that present stereotyped views of various groups of people.

Raising Our Children Free of Prejudice
"Raising our children and understanding racial diversity in our society can't be seen as separate tasks -- they're both part of our job as good parents."

What Can Parents Do about Prejudice?
Tip list for parent's facing this discrimination.

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