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If your just starting the adolescent rollar coaster, here is some information for you on preteens / tweens.
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Normal Early Adolescent Development: Ages 11 to 13
Find out what's considered normal development for tweens and young teens.

Parenting Quiz: Is Your Young Teen Ready for High School?
The leap between Junior High School/Middle School to High School is a big one. Take this simple 20 question quiz and see how prepared your teenager is and what to look for to help your teen become ready.

Talking About Sex to Preteens
When having a talk about sex with a 9 to 12 year old teen, what do you say?

Preteens and Freedom
Q&A from our parenting community.

Preteens - Allow Them to Try
Parenting tips for parents of preteens.

Preteens & Power Struggles
Why we start to have more and more disagreements with our children as they grow, and what to do about them.

Parenting Tweens at About.com
No longer a child, not yet a teen. News and information on parenting tweens, troubleshooting adolescence and making the most of those in-between years.

What is a Tween?
From our Parenting Tweens Guide, Jennifer O'Donnell.

Books for Preteens
Entertaining books for preteens.

Girls & Bras
Parenting tips from our community.

Their Room, Their Laundry, Their Mess!
A parent to parent tip from our forum.

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