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How to Help Your Teen Control Mood Swings

Puberty 101 Guide for Parents


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Teens are new to the surge of emotions that can come with the increase of hormones during puberty. Even adults take steps to prevent emotional flare-ups due to hormones. That is why there is medication for PMS. Boys are not immune either. Here are a few tips you can use to help your teen learn to control or deal with his/her mood swings.

Recognize what is happening. Do not be too busy that you aren’t looking at the situation correctly and go directly into 'discipline mode'. Know that it isn’t just your daughter/son, this is normal for teenagers. It isn’t easy to deal with bad or sad feelings when you can’t figure out what is wrong.

Encourage your teen to identify what is happening. Help your teenager recognize the signs of his/her bad moods, so he/she knows what is happening. Let him/her know that he/she isn’t alone, this happens to most people.

Teach your teen coping skills. When the situation is calm, role play and show them how to count back from 10, go for a walk or listen to music. Modeling these appropriate behaviors when you are in a bad mood will help your teen be better prepared.

Support a healthy lifestyle in your home. Getting enough rest and eating right goes a long way for anyone’s mood. This is also an opportunity for parent’s to model the appropriate behavior.

Encourage your teen to take preventative steps though creativity and being involved. Being involved in a hobby will help your teen’s moods stay on an even keel. It will teaching him/her more coping skills and resilience.

Allow your teen to wait out the mood. If he/she needs a good cry or to just pace around his/her room, give him/her the privacy to do it. Offer comfort and let your teen know you are there if he/she needs to talk.

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