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Teens Can Make It Happen Nine Steps for Success

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Teens Can Make It Happen Nine Steps for Success

The Bottom Line

In these "Nine Steps for Success", your teenager will learn to create a healthy vision of themselves, build their dreams and make decisions while avoiding the pitfalls of peer pressure and low self confidence. While the book sometimes reads as a business manual, there are enough real life examples of teenagers to keep your teen interested.
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  • Written in an entertaining and interactive style.
  • Helps teens self-defined successes.
  • Short read for non-readers.


  • Gets a bit wordy at times.


  • Your teenager will learn to create a healthy vision of themselves.
  • Stedman Graham defines success as a process and goes through it, step by step.
  • Taps into the dreams, hopes and fears that your teen has and strengthens your teen's ability to use them positively.

Guide Review - Teens Can Make It Happen Nine Steps for Success

Book Description
The teenage years are filled with growth, promise, trials, and tribulations. During this time, one may be faced with life-changing decisions and challenges. And often these dilemmas are not easily answered. In Teens Can Make It Happen: Nine Steps to Success, prominent businessman and author Stedman Graham guides readers to a better understanding of themselves, their strengths, and their desires, while helping them to devise and achieve plans for realizing their visions. In an entertaining and interactive style, Graham bridges the gap between education and the real world, and provides teenagers with the means to boost self-esteem, avoid peer pressure, and handle the daily stresses that come with being a young adult. As founder of Athletes Against Drugs, an organization created to combat drug abuse and promote youth leadership, Graham knows how to talk to teenagers. Teens Can Make It Happen is filled with relevant and practical wisdom for today's young adults. Its hands-on approach and personal style make this engaging handbook a must-have for teens as well as for parents, grandparents, and anyone else who influences young people.

Denise's Thoughts
I enjoyed the hands-on approach of this book. While it did get a little wordy in parts, as my teens let me know, it was enjoyable and well worth the time it takes to read. I found it especially good for teens who struggle in school and/or need to be given reasons to try to succeed, as life hasn't been too accommodating for them.

I recommend this book for older(15+) teenagers.

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