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Myspace Safety: 51 Tips for Teens And Parents

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MySpace Safety 51 Tips

MySpace Safety: 51 Tips

The Bottom Line

If you want to keep your teen safe online, you need to stay informed about the sites that she is using. This book will teach all you need to know about MySpace and how your teen is using the site. It is definitely a must-read for parents of internet surfing and blogging teens.
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  • Very useful for parents who are not internet savvy.
  • Will help parents begin discussions with their teens about MySpace.
  • Outstanding overview of the MySpace site.


  • Should be one book for teens, one for adults.
  • The attitude towards parental responsibility in the book needs to be reworked.


  • The book's lessons can be applied to any social website for teens.
  • Includes code that disables some options that allow strangers to track the actions of teens.
  • Not a book to just hand a preteen, read this book with your teenager.

Guide Review - Myspace Safety: 51 Tips for Teens And Parents

Book Description:
MySpace Safety: 51 Tips for Teens and Parents provides teens and parents with a common sense approach for using MySpace.com. The book provides specific methods for minimizing the risk that comes with having a MySpace.com account.

The book can also be applied as a user's manual for MySpace.com, since to define areas of risk and appropriate responses for safety we investigated and documented all facets and features of the MySpace.com site.

The 51 safety tips describe how to:

  1. prepare for opening a MySpace.com account
  2. enter the information required to join MySpace.com
  3. configure "profile" information tabs
  4. make and respond to MySpace friend requests
  5. manage contacts from the MySpace "extended network"
  6. eliminate unwanted contact from strangers
  7. avoid profile invasion, spyware, and phishing scams
  8. report inappropriate content and other problems to MySpace.com
  9. close a MySpace.com account
Denise's Thoughts:
An excellent resource for parents whose teens enjoy being online and blogging or creating social profiles. While I didn't much like how the book addresses parents, and feel the author's attitude about what teens will do whether their parents let them or not is particularly not true for many families and a bit distasteful to say when your trying to sell a book to parents. Otherwise, the book offers some valuable information.

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