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Prom Night 2013 Getting Ready for the Prom

Prom night information, resource tips, and articles on your teenager's prom. The prom is a very important event for your teenager. Learn how to keep them safe while they enjoy themselves by developing a prom budget, finding the right prom dress and much more.
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Parents: How to Make the Most of Prom Time
The prom is one of life's great adventures. Your teen will be planning for months! You'll need to be ready with an arsenal of information and resources because there will be quite a bit to do. As the parent, being in the know about prom will cause less stress and increase everyone's enjoyment - including your own.

10 Practical Money Saving Prom Tips
Ten simple things teens and parents of teens can do to save money on going to the prom.

How To Be a Chaperone at the Prom
To teenagers, the prom is one of the biggest events in their lives. A chaperone can make or break it with one wrong word or phrase. On the other hand, you are responsible for their safety. Therefore, chaperoning a prom isn't easy. For help, follow these ten simple tips.

Prom Tips for Parents of Teens
Have a teen that has gone to the prom and nightly parties? Did you extend curfew? How did you curb your teen from drinking and driving? Read what everyday parents do and share your advice.

What Is the Prom Promise?
A detailed description of what the prom promise is and includes links on how your teen's school can get involved in the Prom Promise Contest.

Prom Time
List of pictures to take of your prom going teen.

Prom Tip: Setting the Curfew
No doubt about it the Prom is a special occasion. Therefore, a special curfew is in order.

Prom Tips: Developing a Budget
Teenagers look forward to their prom night with great excitement. What they tend to not realize is how much it will end up costing. That is where we step in.

Poll: Are you allowing your teenager to attend a post prom party?
Post prom parties are all the rave, and are lots of fun to attend. But, parents can have valid worries about the supervision of their teenager. Will you be allowing your teen to attend a post prom party?

Prom Excitement... and Worries
The prom is an exciting event for our teenagers, and quite a bit of fun for us parents too. We swell up with pride and nostalgia when we see our sons and daughters dressed to the hilt in formal wear. Unfortunately, there is also that nagging feeling that sets in. Odds are, someone at the prom will be drinking, or worse. But what can a parent do? Our children are 'old enough' to know better, right?

Poll: Prom Expenses
Who should pay for the prom expenses? Should your teenager contribute?

High School After Prom Party Tips
Have you thrown an After Prom Party or are you planning one? Did you get after-prom party advice that made it easier or more special? If so,...

5 Ways to Save Money on a Prom Dress
If you need to stay within in a budget, try one of these five ways to save money on a prom dress.

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