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Prom Time

Pictures to Take


The prom is a special event in your teen’s life that you’ll want to document. Having pictures will keep the memories of the good time forever. Here is a list of photo poises for prom time:

  • Prom tickets – in case they aren’t allow to keep them
  • Girl alone in dress, facing forward, standing formally
  • Girl alone in dress, facing backward, looking over shoulder; some dresses have very pretty backs and you’ll want to take a shot of it.
  • Back of girls hair style if in an up-do
  • Girl alone in dress, funny poise
  • Boy alone in tux/suit, facing forward, standing formally
  • Boy alone in tux/suit, casual with hand in pocket
  • Boy alone in tux/suit, jacket off and slung over the shoulder
  • Boy alone in tux/suit, funny poise
  • Long shot of dress, boy standing behind the girl, both facing the same direction
  • Long shot of dress, girl facing boy
  • Close up of smiling couple
  • Girl pinning flower on boy
  • Boy pinning flower on girl or placing wrist corsage on her wrist
  • Group shots of friends – girls and boys alone, then as couples
  • Waving goodbye from the car

Give your teen a disposable camera for candid shots at the prom.

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