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Get your teen help with the SAT test.
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Getting Ready for College Taking the SAT

Use peer pressure to your advantage and set up a study group for your teen.

When should my teen take the SATII Subject Tests?

When should my teen take the SATII Subject Tests?


Basic SAT questions are answered here on About.com's Test Prep site.

ACT or SAT: Which Gives You the Edge?

According to the Kaplan site, it boils down to what type of test taker you are.

Question of the Day(SAT)

One question is posted everyday from actual SAT tests.

Register Online for the SAT

This is not for everyone, please make sure you read all the rules.

SAT Tip of the Day

College Power Prep, which sells SAT software, offers a free tip each day on their site.

Strategies For College Testing

Great FAQ on the basics, ie. can I bring a calculator?

Top Ten Test Day Tips

These may seem like 'no-brainers', but it is a good list to follow.
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