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College Scholarships

College scholarship resources for parents of teenagers who will be applying for college and university scholarships. Learn about the different college scholarships available and how to go about securing a college scholarship.
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How To Build a Winning Academic and Personal Record

Teenagers who are planning to attend college need to become serious about the cost as early as their freshman year in high school.

How to Keep Your College Scholarship Search Organized

Article for parents of teenagers: How to Keep Your Scholarship Search Organized

College Scholarships for Teens

Listing of highlighted scholarships for teens and parents of teens to check out.

How can I find out if a college scholarship or search service is legitimate?

FAQ for parents of teens: How can I find out if a college scholarship or search service is legitimate?

Where should my teen search for college scholarships?

FAQ for parents of teens: Where should my teen search for college scholarships?

What is a College Scholarship?

Explanation of the term 'scholarship' for college money resources.

Connecticut College Scholarships

If you are a Connecticut student pursuing a college education, here are some college scholarships for which you may want to apply.

Start Working on College Scholarships Early

Learn what a high school freshman or sophomore can do to jump start the college scholarship search.

Ohio Area College Scholarships

Sources of college scholarships in Central Ohio from local groups and colleges and the state of Ohio.

College Scholarships For Nurses

If your teen is looking to get into nursing school, here is an informative article about college scholarships in that area of study.

Scholarships and Financial Aid for Deaf Students

Learn about the available resources for deaf teens.

CollegeNET - College Scholarship Search

The site includes a college scholarship search and online applications for colleges in the US and abroad.

College Planning

Provides students, families, and education professionals with information on college selection, admission, financial aid and college scholarships.


A complete site of information for those going to college. You'll have to sign up for a membership, but it's free and well worth it. Plenty of college scholarship information available.


Calculates an admissions rating for you that gives you an estimate of what your chances of admission, and for college scholarships, are at most colleges.


This site has an extensive college scholarship directory with more than 4,000 schools, information from national experts and free tools to use.

Financing a College Education

Answers the questions: how much does it cost, what are the most common sources of financial aid, where can you get college scholarships and how do I keep costs down.


Allows college bound students a quick and easy way to match their test results and other variables to find the appropriate schools and college scholarships.

High School Courses Recommended for College

A chart of the classes your teen needs in high school to attend college and how to earn college scholarship awards.

Chicago College Scholarships

Financial aid resources including local college scholarships for high school and college students in the Chicagoland area.
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