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How To Keep Your College Scholarship Search Organized


Searching and applying for college scholarships is a lot of hard work. It is imperative that you keep your information for each scholarship you have applied for organized.
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Here's How:

  1. Purchase an accordion file holder. This will give you the best bang for your buck when it comes to simple file systems. It is portable, has a lot of compartments and it’s hard to lose any papers out of it.

  2. Mark the first tab: Scholarships to Research. This is where you put scholarship information that you have not fully read, which peaked your interest and you’ll decided on later.

  3. Mark the second tab: Applications in Process. This is where you put scholarship applications and essays that you are working on.

  4. Mark the third tab: Scholarships Sent. This is where you keep a record of the scholarships that you have sent out. In this record for each scholarship you’ll need to keep a copy of everything sent, date sent and where it was sent. This is in case it gets lost and you need to send another copy.

  5. Mark the fourth tab: Scholarships Awarded. This is where you keep a copy of all scholarships that you have gotten. Here you should keep a copy of the application and letter of award.

  6. Mark the fifth tab: Scholarships Rejected. Keep a copy of the application and the letter of rejection. If it is a yearly scholarship, put it in the next tab.

  7. Mark the fifth tab: Miscellaneous/Future Scholarships. You can learn a lot while searching and applying for scholarships. If you find something interesting that you may want to use later like future information for graduate school scholarships, file it here.


  1. Many accordion file folders have lots of tabs. To get the most out of this system, separate the entire file folder into five sections – don’t just use the first five tabs.

  2. With homework, sports and other activities, teens can be very busy. You can help your too-busy-teen by employing this system for them and keeping it up-to-date.

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