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Blast From the Past Summer Day Camp: The 60s


Blast from the past day camp themes are favorites among teenagers. Older kids are very creative and enjoy imagining what fun it was when living in another time. The 1960’s was one big psychedelic party in their eyes, so it really is a favorite theme. Here are some tips and ideas you can use to have a blast at your summer day camp with a 60’s theme.

1. Tie Dye Crafts

summer camp theme 1960s ideas tye die
Denise D. Witmer
Tie dye is the first craft that anyone thinks about when they think about the 1960's summer day camp theme. And, why not? It's perfect! You're outside, so less mess to clean up. Check out some of the different tye die crafts listed on our resource page.

2. Printable Peace Sign Stickers

free printables peace sign stickers
Denise D. Witmer
Stickers are always useful when putting together an event for kids and teens. These groovy peace signs were created by me and there are 9 designs. Print out some extra and keep them on hand. You'll be surprised at how fast they disappear.

3. Smilie

summer camp theme 1960s ideas smilie pattern
Denise D. Witmer
Smilies were all around in the 60's. Happiness was a theme to fight against the war. This pealer bead pattern can be use to make a backpack zipper pull or bedroom coaster.

4. Loopy Hoopy Earrings

summer camp theme 1960s ideas earrings
Denise D. Witmer
Fun colorful loopy earrings that are easy to make and cost effective as the beads are seed beads that you can get by the thousands for well, two dollars. Hoops were big in the 1960s. The bigger the better, but try to remember safety issues before making these too big.

5. Braided Jean Bracelet Craft

summer camp theme 1960s ideas bracelet
Denise D. Witmer
Braiding this green project will really speak to the teens about how the 1960s was the time when people actually started thinking aobut the planet earth and how we should be taking care of it. Use heavy duty jeans for boy cuff bracelets. Here are some more recycled blue jean craft projects.

6. Make a Love Bead Necklace

Love bead necklaces are far out! And very simple to do for large groups. Cord, beads and teens - that's pretty much all you need.

7. Wet Tshirt Relay Race

To theme this fun, and cooling, relay race use tie dyed tshirts, one for each team.

8. Rainbow Popcorn Balls

Split the popcorn in this recipe in thirds, using three different bowls. Use food coloring to color each third a different color. To form balls wear rubber gloves and take a bit of popcorn from each color.

9. Decoupage Bookmarks

When you decoupage with tissue paper, you give the item a tie dyed look. Try one of these bookmarks at your summer camp.

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