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Tropical Themed Summer Day Camp Ideas for Teen and Older Kids


This theme is part of our Summer and Day Camp Ideas Planner.

This teens and older kids day camp theme is all about being on an island, far, far away from any responsibility that their parents may impose on them when they get home. It doesn’t matter if you live near a beach or not, you can pull this off with lots of water, tropical decorations and the active imaginations of your campers.

Below is a list of specific ideas and resource articles for a tropical themed summer camp. Please feel free to email me activities, recipes and other ideas that will fit this theme.

Tropical Cross Stitch Pattern Flamingo

tropical camp ideas crafts
Denise D. Witmer
This teen craft is a cross stitched pink flamingo in a tropical theme for teens and old kids to do. It uses the simplier cross stitch stitches and can be made into a number the things.

Perler Bead Palm Tree Pattern

tropical palm tree craft camp ideas
Denise D. Witmer
This pattern makes a fun frame addon for a tropical trip or camp, a key ring or a zipper pull on a travel or cruise bag.

Perler Bead Flamingo Pattern

flamingo tropical crafts pattern ideas
Denise D. Witmer
This bead pattern is a bit smaller than the palm tree and could be used to make a tropical pin craft. Just hot glue flat back pins to the back of the flamingo after you've assembled it.

Tropical Trail Mix

Tropical themed trail mix puts a different spin on an old stand by snack for teens. Mix up it and you can keep it to serve all week.

Wet and Wild Tropical Obstacle Course

Combine a fun race with water, teen ideas and funky objects and you have a teen dream activity. They'll laugh and beg to do this 'just one more time'.

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