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Teen Sexting

Parents of teens have valid concerns about sexting, when teens send sexually suggestive texts and nude pictures over their cell phones or via the internet in video chat rooms and social network sites. These resources will help teenagers and their parents understand sexting, the articles give advice on how to help teens avoid problems associated with sexting and what the current laws for sexting are.

Teen Sexting: How to Prevent Your Teen from Engaging in Sexting
Sexting means teens use their cell phones to have sexual intimacy with their partners. But unlike phone sex, cell phones come with cameras where minor children - teens - can take lewd pictures of themselves and send them them through the phone. Here is how parents can prevent sexting from happening.

Teen Sexting – What Should the Laws Be?
A place for parents to have their voices heard about teen sexting laws.

Parenting Teens Contracts Cell Phone Use
This Cell Phone Contract is for parents to use with their teenager when they want to make the rules and responsibilities of have a cell phone clear to their teenager. It has a provision on not taking or sending nude text messages.

Getting Teen Daughter to Stop Sexting
A parent seeks advice on what to do to stop her teen from sexting. Read what parenting advice she received from Denise the guide and what our community of parents had to say. Also, you can offer your opinions on this post.

Hope Witsell's Suicide, Have Parents Learned Anything From It?
Now back to Hope Witsell, she sent a picture and was teen sexting with her boyfriend. The picture went viral and she began to get harassed, by everyone in her school. She was cyberbullied to the point that there was a 'Hope Hater Page' on MySpace... read more.

How to Keep Your Teen From Becoming an Online Porn Star
Sometimes boyfriends/girlfriends who are involved with heavy petting and/or sex, talk their partners into taking pictures which are then shared with friends. It doesn’t take long for these pictures to then be distributed throughout the Net. You can protect your teen from this kind of exposure, which can do irreparable harm to his/her self-esteem...

Sexting - Teens Putting Sex and Texting Together
Sexting is explained, along with some general information on teens sexting.

Federal, State Laws About Sexting
For teens, the consequences of sexting are the same for adults in most states, but could also prevent students from receiving college scholarships, job offers, in addition to the embarrasment of having your nude photographs floating around the Internet.

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