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Winter Activities for Teens - Week One


Teen Activities for Winter Quick Links:

Make This:

Mashed Sweet Potatoes With Marshmallows
This recipe is a favorite in our home among young and old. And believe it or not, it’s a vegetable! My daughters often get their grandmother to make it, but have learn to make it themselves to carry on a holiday tradition. Great side dish for any poultry or pork meal.

Learn How:

Go through your socks and underwear. Pitch the old and ask for new. Explain to your teen it’s shopping season, now is the time to ask for what you need along with what you want.

Get Out and Go:

Volunteer at your community food pantry, soup kitchen or church. If your teen is hesitant to do this on their own, make it a family event.

Craft This:

Two things to craft this week.
Holiday cards for the troops. Here are some suggested cards to make: Make and use an advent calendar. Or, make a countdown calendar to an event you are looking forward to.

Teen Activities for Winter Quick Links:

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