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Winter Activities for Teens - Week Ten


Teen Activities for Winter Quick Links:

Craft This:

Gel Candles
Gel candles are fun to make, can be done in batches and are very versatile for themes. Here are the directions to make a gel candle using a love theme, you can change it to a winter theme too! Or make a gel candle mug or use another container. Plus, you can do any color gel and add scents.

Get Out and Go:

Dress Warm And Play Outside
Go ice skating or sledding. Or, if you are lucky, go see a dog sled race. More: Go on a Dog Sled Tour

Learn How:

Go Winter Camping
There is a whole list of survival skills to learn in the winter if you are the outdoors type.


  • Winter Camping Primer
  • Camping Survival Skills
  • Make This:

    For Snack Time
    Make this Soft Pretzels Recipe and make them into heart shapes.

    Teen Activities for Winter Quick Links:

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