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Winter Activities for Teens - Week Five


Teen Activities for Winter Quick Links:

Craft This:

Place Cards
Make place cards for your family’s holiday meal. Place Cards - More Than a Minor Detail

Get Out and Go:

Visit a family member or friend who is home-bound.
Call ahead so they know you are coming and offer to do a chore or pick up something from the store on your way. Winter is a hard season for many who are unable to go out in the bad weather. Give your parents a good excuse to give you their car keys.

Learn How:

Learn a card trick.
Entertain friends and family with a card trick or two. When you try some of the harder ones, remember practice makes perfect. Start off with these easy card tricks first.

Make This:

Sweet Potato Fries
Sweet potatoes are good for you and great tasting. These sweet potato fries make a good snack and are fun to make when friends come over.

Teen Activities for Winter Quick Links:

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