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Winter Activities for Teens - Week Six


Teen Activities for Winter Quick Links:

Craft This:

Make a Winter Journal
Journaling helps you get your thoughts together and save memories. Make this winter journal, it is a fun way to remember everything you did this winter and you can add a few ‘Top 10 Favorite’ lists too.

Get Out and Go:

Attend a Basketball Game
Go watch your high school basketball team play a game. Form a cheering section with your friends.

Learn How:

Set a Goal
Make a New Year’s resolution and use a three part plan that will help you stick to it.
1.) Set a reasonable goal.
2.) Plan out the little steps it takes to get to your goal.
3.) Reassess everyday and reward yourself for progress.

Make This:

Tacos for Breakfast
Breakfast is the most important meal of the day! Try these fun to make and tasty tacos. More: Breakfast Taco Recipe | How to Get Your Teen to Eat Breakfast

Teen Activities for Winter Quick Links:

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