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Teens today own cell phones and use them to communicate with friends mostly true texting. But with the dawn of smart phones, teens are really getting plugged in. Here parents will find resources to help their teens use their cell phones wisely and prevent things like high usage bills, driving while texting and sexting problems. Includes a parenting contract for teen cell phone use.
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How Closely Should Parents Monitor a Teen’s Online Activity?
There is a lot of debate about how closely parents should monitor a teen's online activity. Find out how to best monitor your teen.

10 Strategies to Limit Your Teen's Screen Time
Find out how you can set limits on your teen's screen time.

Establishing Cell Phone Rules For Teens
Find out what type of rules teens need when it comes to their cell phone use.

5 Strategies to Keep Teens Safe on Facebook
Find out what types of rules and guidance teens need to stay safe on Facebook.

Teens and Selfies: What Parents Need to Know
Parents need to be aware of the potential dangers of teens taking selfies.

The Secret Language of Teens: 100 Common Text and Social Media Acronyms
Find out what teens are really saying when they use all those acronyms to communicate with their peers via text and social media.

Cell Phone Use Parenting Contracts
You can write out the rules and make them clear to your teen with this parenting contract on cell phone use. Be sure to allow your teen to have input in the contract.

Teen Cell Phone Use While Driving
A parenting contract I will help your teen keep safe on the road by specifying the rules of cell phone use, including texting, while their car is in drive. Use this contract for clear communication and allow your teen to have their input.

Prevent Your Teen from Engaging in Sexting on Their Cell Phone
Sexting cause problems for teens considering child pornography is a federal offense. But even if your teen doesn't get caught, or isn't the actual person who is involved in this texting but the picture was relayed to them, they can be held accountable. Learn how to prevent your teen from texting with the steps.

Cell Phone Charms Craft
Teens like to personalize their cell phones. Here are some ideas for your teen to make cell phone charms. They make a great fundraiser idea for school clubs.

Teens Using Cell Phones and Texting School Work
An article the study routines use their cell phones to do their schoolwork. I have to say I found the statistics surprising and the premise interesting. Do you think teens should use their cell phones for schoolwork? Read more about it here.

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