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Teen Chat Rooms

Safe chat rooms on the web for teens. These teen chat rooms are monitored, to keep the fun rolling and keep everyone safe.

Teen Chat Rooms
What can happen? What can a parent do?

Kids' Turn Central Chat
A safe, monitored chat for kids under 16, though kids over 16 and parents are welcome if they follow the rules. Check out the Games Section on this site too!

8Ball-Online.com Chat Network
24-hour-a-day chat network features 6 teen chat rooms, 2 all-ages chats, 2 college chats and 2 pre-teen chats, in addition to free e-mail accounts for all users.

Graffiti Wall Chat
One chat for those 11 yr and under and one for 12-15 yr olds.

NASA Quest Chat
Chat with NASA experts... too cool!

WorldVillage Chat Central
Scheduled games and activities. Rules are posted and enforced.

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