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What Parents of Teens Need to Know About the Twilight Series


Edward and Bella in Twilight

Edward and Bella in Twilight

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The Twilight series has become a craze in teen culture. The books have sold millions and the movie, according to Time, is the ‘dream of the book projected 30 feet high’. So here is what parents should know before your teen heads off to see the movies or dives into the pages of this series.

It’s a love story. It’s a sweep-the-girl-off-her-feet-true-love story that teens these days haven’t had enough of, in my opinion. As a romantic, I really liked the love story in this book. I watch my oldest daughter fall in love with this story because love wins in Twilight. Love needs to win more in our teen’s world - again, my humble opinion. Yes, the story’s subplots give parents pause, but first and foremost, it is a love story.

There is an almost cult-like following of the Twilight series and its author Stephenie Meyers. Teens and young adults have picked teams on who they believe Bella should end up marrying. They debate back and forth in online forums, even though the choice was revealed in the forth book.

There is no sex before marriage, but there are very sexy undertones and scenes in both the books and movie. And the fourth book goes further. You’ll want to save the fourth, and last, book for when your teen is older and mature enough to handle sexually explicit material and the 'death' of Bella.

Bella, the main character, does want to become a vampire, suggesting suicidal tones throughout the series. She believes that she will be with Edward, the object of her affection and a vampire, forever. In order for that to happen, she would have to die. She thinks about this in the books and thinks how it would affect her father and mother. This is definitely something to talk to your teen about, but not something that kept me from allowing my 16-year-old teen from reading the series.

A lot of good versus evil action scenes, not much different than the Buffy the Vampire Slayer series of yesteryear. Vampires have been on the page and the screen for the last four generations. If your teen is sensitive to being frightened by the paranormal and scary movies, you may want to have him/her wait for the DVD to come out instead of seeing this one in the theater.

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