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Fall 2012 Fashion Trends Your Teen Will Want to Have for School


I've been seeking out teen fashion sites to see what fall fashion trends our teens will be begging for in the coming weeks. All in all, I think this year’s school clothes simple in colors but rich in textures. They give teens the ability to express their individuality without overstating and they won’t bust our family budgets too much. Here is a list of the trends that I found and what I thought of them:

1. Funky and glammed high top sneakers are "in".

Funky High Top Sneakers

Doesn't matter if you purchase them complete with funky print and sequins/jewels or you put them on yourself, the funkier the high tops are this season, the better.

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2. Fun laptop sleeves will be seen in the school hallways.

laptop sleeves

Laptop sleeves are a must if your teen is carrying a lap top computer back and forth to school. These encase the computer and help keep it from being banged up. Companies like Built NY have gotten in on the trend and are making really cute cases for teens to use. There are sports teams for boys as well.

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3. Scarves are totally in for fall and winter 2012.


Whether your teen considers a scarf a fashion accessory or a way to keep warmer, they'll be wanting to wear scarves this fall and into the winter.

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4. Fedora hats are being worn by both teen guys and gals.


I love these hats and if you've seen a teen magazine lately, you know that today's teen does too.

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5. Fringe purses are being seen hanging on teen shoulders.

Fringe Purses

It seems the teens of this generation like texture and things that have movement. Fringe does both. Oh and see my fringe denim pocket purse craft if you have teen girls that want the look without the pricetag.

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6. Naturals and brights colors are here.

Is your teen into natural animl or tribal prints? Good, that is in style. How about plain bright colors or bright prints, does your teen like them? Good, they're in style too. And transparent shirts and overlays haven't gone away yet either. What seems to be really in is individual style.

7. Skirts, here's the long and the short of it.

I feel like all of the major designers are having a war to outdo each other and our hemline is becoming a casuality. Some like it really short and some are going for long enough to cover the ankles. But you can be sure that skirts are still in, and whether your teen picks the long ones or the short ones, they will be in style.

8. Lots of Accessories

Beaded jewelry, pins, stacked bracelets and funky purses are everywhere. The recylced and up-cycled look is in.

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