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Can my daughter get an abortion without my consent?


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Question: Can my daughter get an abortion without my consent?
Answer: Many parents worry that should their teen get pregnant, would they hide it? Out of shame and/or guilt would their teenage daughter try and handle this problem alone? Could she make choices out of fear and obtain an abortion without talking to an adult that knows her and loves her? Does a parent of a teen also have a choice?

The answer depends on the state in which you live. Some states require notification of the teen’s parents, some require consent from one or both parents and some states have no policy. In the states with no policy, there is no consent or notification needed. A 13-year-old can get an abortion without notification to her parents.

Some states require an adult in the family to give consent, not necessarily the parent of the teen mother. It could be an aunt, uncle or older sibling. States that have the parental consent laws also have judicial bypass laws that would help teen girls who cannot obtain parental consent because of foster care situation or other problems.

Here is the list of Abortion Laws by State.

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  • Can my daughter get an abortion without my consent?


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