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The Dos and Don’ts of Sex Education


Do allow your child to take sex education courses in school. You may not agree with everything that is taught, but you can use what they learn in school as a starting point.

Do not harp, embarrass, or nag your child about their sex education class. Use teachable moments. Bringing it up at the dinner table may not be a good idea either.

Do keep the lines of communication open with your child. You’ll need to discuss tough topics from time to time. If you and your teen are used to having conversations on a daily basis, it will be easier to talk about anything you need to.

Do not think that what your child learns about sex at school is enough. It isn’t. Children today are bombarded with negative and inaccurate sexual images through the media and their peers. Be there to help keep your child on the right track.

Do speak to your child’s school about what they are teaching and the sexual education curriculum. Ask to see the text book and go over the lesson plans if you are concerned.

Do not argue with your child over matters of opinion. Our sexuality has some gray areas and each generation has its own opinions. Respect your child’s opinions. Enjoy the fact that they are growing up and have the ability to have opinions, even when they don’t agree with your own.

Do keep in touch with your child’s sex education teacher, but do not be too much of a PITA. It won’t be easy, but it will be worth it.

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