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Teen Wellness

Resources on how to keep your teenager healthy with good nutrition and frequent excercise.
  1. Confidence and Teens (3)
  2. Exercise (2)
  3. Healthy Diets for Teens (13)
  4. Teens and Sleep (5)

How to Deal with Stress
Tips on Teaching Your Teen How to Deal with Stress

Tans and Teens
Teach Your Teens the Benefits of Staying Out of the Sun

Help Your Obese Teen Lose Weight
Reasons why parents need to help their obese teen lose weight and advice on helping your teen with their weight loss efforts.

Life Skills for Teens - Good Health and Hygiene Skills
In order for your teen to be happy while they live independently, they will need to be successful at keeping their bodies healthy and clean. These life skills are taught throughout your teen's childhood and adolescence by encouraging good hygiene routines and healthy habits.

Water Safety Tips
Water safety tips for the whole family.

Height Comparison Calculator
This Height Comparison Calculator makes it easy to see how your child's predicted height compares to everyone else or enter your own height to see how you compare to the average adult.

10 Signs Your Teen is Stressed Out
Find out which behavioral changes may be signs that your teen is stressed out.

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