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Babysitting Books and Guides for Teens

Help Your Teen Get a Job Series for Parents


Teens who want to get a babysitting job need to have resources to answer all of their question. The books and guides below will help your teen become the best babysitter they can be.

1. Babysitter's Business Kit: Be the Best Babysitter on the Block!

babysitting tips book
American Girl Publishing Inc.

Excellent set for a young teen or preteen who is thinking of babysitting. It includes a copy of The Babysitter's Handbook, and the supplies needed to run a successful babysitting business: business cards, a client address book, a game pad, reward stickers, parent checklists, and more!


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2. The Ultimate Baby-Sitter's Survival Guide

Babysitting Job Teens
G P Putnam's Sons

This comprehensive book is full of guidelines and creative games baby-sitters can use to stay in charge and keep kids entertained away from the television. It contains dos and don'ts lists that are pot on and tips your teen will be able to relate to and put into practice.

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3. What to Expect Baby-Sitter's Handbook

Babysitting Guide Teens
Workman Publishing Company

Excellent tips and trick to the babysitting trade through survey question and the answers from responsible babysitters. The book is very valuable for teens who would like to become an expert at taking care of children and perhaps go on to be a nanny.

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4. Funtastic Babysitting Activities

fun babysitting activities games crafts
Rainbow Bridge Publishing

If your teen is putting together a fun kit to bring to their babysitting job, this book is a great guide for creating it.

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5. The American Red Cross First Aid and Safety Handbook

Little, Brown and Company

Written by the experts of first aid and home safety. While I recommend your teen babysitter take a first aid course, it is good to have this book available for home-study too. Helps readers learn the crucial first aid measures to be applied in any situation, from cuts and burns to cardiac arrest, with instructions and drawings adapted for the first time for home use.

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