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Travel with Teens - Family Vaction Resources for Parents of Teens

Travel plans with teens can be hard for parents of teenagers to make. Here you will find travel with teens articles, tips and resources for traveling with your family that includes teenagers.
  1. Vacations With Teens: Ideas

How to Make a Family Vacation Fun for Your Teen
Get your teen excited about your family vacation with these strategies.

Travel Tip #1 for Parents of Teens: Choices
Where you are going to vacation and what you will be doing when you get there are all important things that need to be decided upon. Giving your teen a say in these important decisions will give him/her some ownership of the family vacation.

Travel Tip #2 for Parents of Teens: Budget
This is also a perfect time to talk to your teen about budgeting and allowing him to practice with his own money.

Travel Tip #3 for Parents of Teens: Personal Items
Help your teen make a packing list of what she needs to bring on vacation and then let her do it. Having the responsibility of getting ready to go away as early as 13-years-old is an excellent habit to impart to your teen. Here’s how.

Travel Tip #4 for Parents of Teens: Rules and Limits
Vacations are times for families to relax, have fun and create good memories. To be confident that your trip will go as you plan, you will need to begin with clear communication between you and your teen about your expectations of his behavior.

Travel Tip #5 for Parents of Teens: Driving
Long road trips give parents an opportunity to allow their teen to drive in areas that are new to them.

Travel Tip #6 for Parents of Teens: Keep the Peace
While ignoring your teen when she does something majorly wrong is never a good idea, do try not to be nit-picky during your family vacation.

Travel Tip #7 for Parents of Teens: Friends
Allowing a friend to come along on a family vacation is often a quandary parents of teens face. It is a tough decision that depends on who the friend is.

Travel Tip #8 for Parents of Teens: Individual Activities
Family cruises and family resorts are perfect vacations for a fun time together and separately. These are some of the best places to vacation with teens because everyone gets to do what they want.

Travel Tip #9 for Parents of Teens:Take a Break
Be sure that your yearly vacation offers a break for you too, even though you need to plan for everyone else.

Travel Tip #10 for Parents of Teens: Making Memories
Know that you will never pass this way again. Your teen will never be this age again. Treasure your time together and be sure to get lots of pictures and journal about the trip.

Dads and Daughters Traveling Together
Real questions from parents: Should dads and teen daughters travel together and share the same hotel rooms? This dad asks this question to our parenting community.

Top Teen Attractions for Disney World Resort Florida
Going on a family vacation with your teen to Disney World? These attractions were chosen as the top teen attractions for Disney World by our teens.

Five Tips for a Fun Family Summer Cruise
Going on a cruise with your teen? Tips on what your family should look for in a family cruise vacation.

Road Trip Fun Car Games
Teens get bored in the car - even with an iPod! Simple car games that help make the hours pass on a road trip.

Family Vacations
Tips on your next family vacation for you, your teen and preteen.

U.S. Vacation Destinations to Visit with Teens
These 10 U.S. cities make great vacation destinations for families travelling with teens.

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