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10 Family Vacation Tips for Parents of Teens


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Give your teen the responsibilities of his/her own personal items.
10 Family Vacation Tips for Parents of Teens
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Help your teen make a packing list of what he/she needs to bring on vacation and then let him/her do it. Having the responsibility of getting ready to go away as early as 13-years-old is an excellent habit to impart to your teen. Here’s how:

  1. Start by getting your teen to write everything he/she wants and needs on the vacation.

  2. Go over the list with him/her. Add items you know he/she will need. Suggest other items that you think your teen may want to bring. If you see an item on your teen’s list that you are unsure of, ask your teen why it is there. If you are still unsure, talk to your teen more about it and compromise.

  3. Talk to your teen about what luggage he/she wants to use.

  4. Set a time that the packing will be completed and ready for you to check. Be sure that you still have a full day or two before the vacation, just incase your teen will need it. If it is not done by that time, use fair and firm discipline and ask that your teen do nothing else until his/her packing is completed.
  5. Praise your teen for getting it done.

Once your teen has this good habit, you will find that giving him/her the responsibility very rewarding.

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