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10 Family Vacation Tips for Parents of Teens


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Set the rules and limits up before you leave.
10 Family Vacation Tips for Parents of Teens

Is swimming alone allowed? Spell out the limits to your teen before you go on vacation.

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Vacations are times for families to relax, have fun and create good memories. To be confident that your trip will go as you plan, you will need to begin with clear communication between you and your teen about your expectations of his/her behavior. This is best done as a family talk, either during dinner and/or at a family meeting. Expectations should be for the whole family and everyone needs to have input on what is expected. If there will be other teens going on vacation with your family, you will need to include them in this discussion.

Here are a few points to make clear with your teen:

  • Times your teen will be able to be on his/her own.
  • Will there be a curfew?
  • What time will the family need to be ready to go in the morning?
  • All family rules apply. (no smoking, no drinking, no swearing or fighting with your siblings, etc.)
  • Take care of yourself, as mom is on vacation too.(pick up your own clothes, pack your own bag, etc.)

    You should stress to the entire family that as long as everyone does their part and follows the limits and rules, your family vacation will be a blast. Also mention that you don’t expect that everyone will be perfect the entire time, you are hoping that everyone sees following the rules as a goal to have fun and be happy.

    On a side note, having fun on vacation can be hard to do when your teen isn’t cooperating or has been in some trouble not long before the vacation has begun. While discipline needs to be consistent, vacations can offer an opportunity for a parent and teen to strengthen their bond and allow the teen to regain trust. Talk to your teen and compromise where you feel comfortable during the trip.

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