1. Parenting

School Problems and Issues

School problems are issues troubled teens create and then have to face the consequences of - on a daily basis in school. Parents of troubled teens can find advice and help here.

School Suspension: A Serious Warning Sign
Teens are suspended from school for serious rule infractions. If your troubled teen is suspended this is a warning sign of problems that must be addressed before they get worse. School suspension should be taken seriously and dealt with carefully, here’s what parents need to know.

Teens Falling Asleep in Class
When a teen falls asleep in class, two things happen: he/she misses what is being taught and he/she loses the respect of the teacher.

Teen Doesn't Get Along With Teachers
Your teen should use respect when dealing with a teacher, always, but not take his/her attitude toward your teen to heart.

Problems Handling the School Work
There will be times that parents can't really help their teen in the 'traditional' sense of sitting with them and going over the answers. You and your teen will need a few different skills up your sleeve, find them in this article.

Teen Is Never Prepared
Humans forget things, especially when they are under pressures like those at school. But if it's a habit in school, it's a problem.

Not Involved in Extracurricular Activities and Sports
Find out how being involved in these things can help your teen at school and at home.

Teen Is Over-Scheduled
How to get your teen unbooked so they aren't always in a time crunch.

Teen Lacks Direction
A teen needs to have hopes, dreams and thoughts about their future. If your teen lacks direction, they may get stuck where they are and not mature into a happy adult. Learn how to help your teen with this problem.

Peers at School Problems
Problems with a peer group can mean many different things to a teen. It can be not having friends, having too many friends, being sucked into a friend’s problem, following friend’s actions blindly, getting mad at a friend and not expressing it appropriately, dealing with peers who are violent or into drugs, etc.

Test Taking Problems
Test-taking is never thought of as easy, but there are some people who really have a problem with it to a point where even if they know the information, they aren’t able to get a good grade on the test. You can help.

Spends Too Much Time in Detention
When your teen is given detention, suspension or is sent to the principal's office, you should read it as it is meant to be read: your teen has been given a consequence for their poor choices at school. Learn how to deal with it.

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