1. Parenting
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Youth Organizations

Groups for kids, teens, and young adults.
  1. 4-H Club (4)
  2. Big Brothers Big Sisters (2)
  3. Boy Scouts (5)
  4. Boys and Girls Club (2)
  5. DeMolay (1)
  6. FBLA (1)
  7. FFA (1)
  8. Girl Scouts and Girl Guides (8)
  9. JROTC (4)
  10. Junior State of America (1)
  11. Key Club International (1)
  12. Order of Job's Daughters (2)

Teen Volunteerism
Parents can promote a positive volunteering experience for their teen. Here is how.

Teens and Volunteering
Article by Susan M. Heim about teen volunteering - Teenagers Are Changing the World

Local Volunteer Opportunities for Teens
A listing of where youth can find opportunities to volunteer their time and efforts.

How to Set Up a Car-pool for Youth Group Events
Step by step instructions to set up a car-pool for youth group events.

How To Take Teens Caroling For a Cause
Local youth organizations can benefit from this in two ways. First, it will help monetarily. Second, it will bring more community awareness about the organization. Learn how here.

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