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5 Tips on Dealing with Mean Girls


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Mean girls, from the girl who is bullying everyone to the popular crowd of girls who can be just plain mean, your teenage daughter has a maze to traverse. Going the wrong direction can cause her issues with learning the social skills she needs to succeed or she could get hurt. Here are a few tips on dealing with mean girls:

  • Learn to communicate with your daughter. Keeping the lines of communication open will keep you in the loop and help her feel like she is not alone. This is very valuable to a teen who has to deal with mean girls.

  • Be considerate of her needs. She may just need your moral support or she may need you to step in. Either way she will need you to be on her side.

  • Encourage your daughter to find friends that help build her self esteem. They are worth her time and effort in friendship. The more she is connected to these type of peers, the less the mean girls can do to her self-confidence.

  • Pay attention to how she is feeling. Be on the lookout for signs of depression. If you feel she is becoming depressed, have her see a school or private counselor.

  • Model appropriate behavior at home. Avoid buying into gossip or saying mean things about other people. Take on activities that make you feel good about yourself. Lead your teen by example.

    Quick Links: High School Survival Guide

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