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Silver Fork Bracelet

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By Bri

Silver Fork Bracelet

Silver Fork Bracelet photo socialisbetter on flickr

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Silver Fork Bracelet

How I Did It:

Using a old silver fork, bend it around a soup can. Then, cut it in half about half way down the fork. Punch a hole on each side of what used to be the middle of the fork. Using jump rings, attach a clasp and tab to the holes.

Punch a hole in what used to be the bottom of the fork. Using round-nose pliers swirl the tines of the fork, with one of the middle tines attaching to the hole you just punched. Tap and or flatten the tines using your hammer and anvil or hard surface.

Tips and Tricks

  • You can do this with spoons and place wired beads in the spoon so that it looks like it is holding food.

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