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Reader Submissions: Candle Making Craft Project Ideas Teens


Candle making craft projects and ideas for teens and groups of teens submitted by parents and teens. Enjoy these candle making projects and ideas at your next teen get together, as a boredom buster or for a youth club or group activity.

Decorate a Pillar Candle

Using rub-on words I added them to the candle. A printed snowflake ribbon was placed around that and taped in the back. Then another matching ribbon was tied around front with a paper charm die cut. …More

Fun Things in Candles

When you make candle gifts, you can place fun objects in the candles for people to see while the candle is burning, as a decoration or so the person can find it later for a second gift(this works wit…More

Paper Candle Covers

You can make fun paper candle covers for candles you have made or candles you have purchased. The will make the candle more original and are a great way to add to a gift candle. All you need to do is…More

Firecracker Beeswax Candle

Cute little candles are simple to make and fun to use. Wrap 3-inch tall white beeswax sheet around a candle wick. Do this about three layers deep. Then wrap two layers of red bees wax. Trim your wick…More

Hand Dipped Flower Candle

Melt a big pot or double boiler of wax. Take about 14-inches wick string and curl it around a peg, allowing 10-inches to dangle, that is the part you dip.Begin dipping the wick, allowing it to dry an…More

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