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Reader Stories: My Teen's Favorite – or Most Creative – Snack Food


Teens are known to have strong cravings for snack foods. I believe that is why the pizza industry does so well in any economy. Here parents share their stories of what their teen likes to snack on and how it became their favorite.

Mucho Grande Nacho's

It's his own creation - and it's a thing of beauty. He can make it in a few minutes and he doesn't need to rely on me except for groceries. It's easy to share with a group, and his friends love it. I…More

Pizza Bread Sticks

She made a habit of eating pizza bread sticks after her shift as a waitress at a pizza place. After eating them after every shift, she really got a craving for them and would order them anytime she w…More

Pass the Pickles

My daughters have always enjoyed pickles, since they could chew. I'm not sure how it worked out that one liked one type and the other likes the other type of pickles - maybe my second daughter is jus…More

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