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Readers Respond: How Do You Tell Your Teen You Love Them

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Parents often have their own way to tell or show their teen that they love them. Read what ideas others have offered and share your ideas with our parenting community.

How Do You Tell Your Teen You Love Them

Sometimes I make a treasure hunt for my son: he is fifteen but he loves it!!! It happens when he has to find presents or stuff he usually let around the house. Thanx a lot for the suggestions!!
—Guest Stefania

How Do You Tell Your Teen You Love Them

By sharing your past live experience with them as form of encouragement and by telling them that you really believe in them.
—Guest greatmind


My teen would like money under her pillow. My teen's ideal of bonding is shopping. I know when we hang out it is going to cost me money. However, I know this and except this and love her all the more. My daughter only wants gift cards and money.
—Guest PAU;A

Different for Each Teen

I have 2 teenage girls. With one, a hug or a simple unexpected gift says all the words, while with the other allowing her to set the table or prepare a meal herself makes her feels so appreciated.

My way of telling my girls I love them

My three girls are my pride and joy and I make it a point to make them feel special every day. I make sure they get a healthy breakfast, I take them to school and pick them up. Volunteer at their school and have lunch with them when I can. I keep the house neat and clean so they can feel good & relaxed being there. At the end of the day, I cook them a well balanced healthy dinner. All five us us eat dinner together every night... This is our ritual and what keeps us together. Also, I spend a few minutes with each one in their rooms before tucking them in. Oh, how they love that individual time!!... and the best part, so do I. Enjoy your kids because they grow up too fast!!
—Guest Angela

Hug Them

Kids are never too old for a hug! I am lucky that my teenage daughters still like to hug but even if it wasn't so easy I think it is still important to show them my love in that way.

I like to donate in their name

Often when friends do things to raise money for cancer awareness, I like to put my sponsorship money in my kids names. I think it helps them realize that it is important to be aware of these causes and that I participate because my kids are important to me.
—Guest Denise

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