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Readers Respond: Top Prom Tips for Parents of Teens

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Have a teen that has gone to the prom and the after-prom parties? Did you extend curfew? How did you curb your teen from drinking and driving? Please share your thoughts, advice and experiences on Prom Night as a parent of a teen.

Trust Your Parenting

First, it's important to know your teen. Does your teen have a habit of being dishonest with you? Do you have any reason to believe your teen may be having sex, drinking, or using drugs? Most importantly, trust your parenting. Are you an "On The Scene Parent"? If so, trust your parenting. Trust that you have taught the values your teen needs to make good decisions. Have frequent discussions with your teen. Discuss real life issues, that we as parents know our teens are facing. Speak life, show love, and trust your parenting.

Know Who Is Driving

Know who your teen is driving with at least a week before the prom. If she doesn’t know, then be firm about being the one taking her. This will keep your teen from trying to pull the wool over your eyes at the last minute and drive with someone you don’t trust. My daughter pulled this stunt and ended up in a small car with 8 other teens who were drinking.
—Guest Mia

Parents Who Host Should Lose the Most

I agree 100% that parents allowing underage drinking should be turned in. It just simply doesn’t happen however. I live in Wisconsin and the drinking culture and mindset is truly staggering. Parents like us that enforce the NO alcohol till you are 21 are few in this area. We are made to feel like we are the wrong doers.
—Guest Lea

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