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5 Ways to Keep Your Teen Busy During Summer Vacation


At this point in the summer, many teens are growing a little bored. Follow these tips to ensure your teen stays busy and active throug the end of summer vacation.

Could Your Teen Own a Business?
Teens Spotlight10

7 Reasons Why It's Important to Give Teens Chores

Assigning chores to your teen is an important parenting strategy that is healthy for your teen and for your entire family.

What to Do if Your Teen Refuses to Go to Counseling

Teens with mental health issues and behavior problems often aren't interested in counseling. But when a teen doesn't want treatment, parents still have options.

7 Ways Parents can Prevent Teens from Experimenting with Alcohol

Parents play a big role in preventing underage drinking. These strategies reduce the chances that a teen will experiment with alcohol.

Teens and Alcohol: What Parents Need to Know

The statistics on underage drinking are startling. But, informed parents can take steps to prevent teens from experimenting with alcohol.

How Closely Should Parents Monitor a Teen's Online Activity?

While some parents spy on a teen's every move, other parents take a hands-off approach to the internet. Find out how much of your teen's online activity you should be monitoring.

10 Tips for Raising a Well-Rounded Teen

Teens need to have more than one intererest or activity to participate in. Instesad, they need to be well-rounded if they want to be prepared for adulthood.

Teens and Selfies: What Parents Need to Know

Selfies are the norm in today's teen culture. Parents need to know the potential dangers of teens taking selfies.

4 Smartphone Apps that Prevent Teens From Texting While Driving

By downloading these apps to a teen's mobile device, parents can prevent teens from texting while they're driving.

Research Shows Parents Can Do More to Help Teens Learn to Drive Safely

Studies show that parents aren't all that effective at teaching teens to drive safely but parents can take steps to change that.

Teen Driver Safety Pledge: A Contract Any Teen Driver Should Sign

Reduce your risk of unsafe driving by having your teen sign this driver's safety pledge before you hand over your keys.

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