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How to Make Family Vacation Fun for Your Teen


A family vacation isn't always the highlight of a teen's summer. Find out how to get your teen excited about a family trip this year.

Could Your Teen Own a Business?
Teens Spotlight10

Research Shows Parents Can Do More to Help Teens Learn to Drive Safely

Studies show that parents aren't all that effective at teaching teens to drive safely but parents can take steps to change that.

Teen Driver Safety Pledge: A Contract Any Teen Driver Should Sign

Reduce your risk of unsafe driving by having your teen sign this driver's safety pledge before you hand over your keys.

Driver’s Education Isn’t Enough: Additional Programs Teach Teen Driver Safety

These programs offer teen drivers additional training beyond basic driver education. Sign your teen up for a class to increase driving safety and reduce accident risk.

The 12 Biggest Dangers to Teen Drivers

These 12 hazards increase the likelihood of teens being involved in a fatal car crash. It's important for parents to reduce a teen's risk.

Family Fun Night Ideas with Teens

Creating regular family fun nights is a great way to create memories and build a healthy relationship with your teen.

6 Powerful Reasons You Should Eat Dinner With Your Teen

Eating meals with your teen can benefit your teen's physical and mental health.

Why Teens Engage in Risky Behavior And What Parents Can Do About It

Teens are more likely to engage in risk-taking behavior without fear of negative consequences.

Summer Safety Checklist for Teens

Keep these items in stock to prevent and treat summertime injuries and illnesses.

Normal Early Adolescent Development: Ages 11 to 13

Learn what to expect from your 11 to 13-year-old physically, emotionally, socially, and cognitivelly.

Late Adolescent Development: Normal Development Between the Ages 19 and 21

Learn what's considered normal cognitive, emotional, physical, and social development for older teens.

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