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Risk Factors Associated with Teen Violence

Whether it's getting into a physical fight or it's a school shooting, there are many different factors that place teens at risk of behaving violently.

10 Ways to Teach Teens Healthy Values

There are many ways to teach teens what's important in life but if parents aren't proactive about teaching values, teens may adopt values that aren't healthy.

Why Parents Need to Help Teens Develop a Moral Compass

Parents play a major role in helping teens develop ethics, values, and morals.

Are You Really Parenting Your Teen According to Your Personal Values?

It's important that your parenting strategies match the values you're trying to instill in your teen.

6 Strategies for Raising a Kind and Caring Teen

Raising teens who care about other people requires extra effort and attention in today's modern world.

Survey Reveals Most Teens are Getting Mixed Messages About Parents’ Values

The message you mean to send to your teen about what's most important in life may not be the message your teen is actually receiving.

The 5 Biggest Concerns Parents Have About Teens Going Back to School

Parents admit they're stressed about teens going back to school this year and a new survey revelas their five biggest concerns.

The 5 Biggest Concerns Teens Have About Going Back to School

Teens share their biggest concerns about going back to school this year and what they had to say may surprise you.

What Type of School Supplies do High School Students Need?

Curious what type of school supplies teens need in high school? Here's a list of the most common supplies highers need.

Back-to-School Shopping Survival Guide for Parents of Teens

Back-to-school shopping can be financially, emotionally, and physically taxing when it involves teenagers. Fing out how to get everything your teen's going to need this year.

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