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Insist Your Teen Use Healthy Hygiene Routines During the Cold and Flu Season

By February 19, 2013

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Teens are so much more independent than when they were young children that parents tend not to follow up with checking on their hygiene routines. Therefore, teens slack off on simple healthy routines like washing their hands, taking their vitamins and dressing warmly for the winter weather. All of which help prevent coming down with a cold or the flu.

I know twice this week I asked my daughter to put on a hat as she was walking out of the door to go to school. Which she was willing to do without much of an eye-roll - but she needed to be reminded. That is okay! As a mom, that is why I'm here. Teens don't always remember and they don't always realize how important their everyday routines are. They need us to help. So, be there for your teen during this cold and flu season and insist they use their good hygiene routines and help keep them healthy.

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