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How To Remove Gum From Hair, Carpets, Shoes, Etc


If you've gotten yourself in a sticky situation with a wad of gum, here's the best way to get out of it.
Difficulty: Average
Time Required: 20 minutes

Here's How:

  1. Fill a plastic bag with ice.

  2. Wrap a small towel around the bag so you can hold it for a long period without freezing your hand.

  3. Wrap the bag of ice around the gum. Hold it there for 20 minutes. You want to freeze the gum so that it cracks off.

  4. Chip gum off slowly, do not yank at it. If it starts to stretch or becomes sticky again, reapply the ice.

  5. If you are unable to get all of the gum off, repeat the process.


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What You Need

  • plastic bag
  • ice
  • small hand towel
  • comb (if in hair)
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